Our expertise.

Trips to the groomer can be stressful, especially if your pawfriends hates spending hours in a cage. With our fully-customized mobile van, your pet will get individual attention in a calm, cage-free environment.


Our state-of-the-art mobile grooming salon and highly-trained professional groomers will transform your driveway into a relaxing getaway for your dog; while saving you the time and hassle of going to the local salon.

The Winning Choice

Our groomers also pay attention to your pet's ears, eyes, pads, teeth, and nails as they can be indicators of wellness.


Trimming and cleaning these sensitive areas are important in order to keep your pet comfortable and healthy. 

The Extra Care

Tail-waggin service one pet from start to finish, promising to never leave your furry friends alone.


We dry pets by hand and with love.

Services for your cats and dogs

Full Grooming for Cats and Dogs

Our speciality service for your furry friends that includes wash & blow dry, de-matting, dead hair removal, hair trimming, ear cleaning, nail clipping, teeth brushing and anal gland cleaning.

Wash  & Dry - Basic Grooming

Pets are given a thorough, deep-cleaning shampoo and massage using a hypoallergenic formula containing no dyes or perfumes, brushing, ear cleaning and nail clipping

Hair-cutting & Hand-styling

Our Professional Groomers are experienced in hand-scissoring a beautiful puppy-cut, an stylish lion-cut, or any special look to make your pet the best they can be.

Medicated Bath

One of the most common reasons for this service is flea and tick prevention or control. Application of Frontline as the final touch.

De-matting/ De-shedding

As an add-on service, removing matted fur and de-shedding is time-consuming but necessary for your pets' hygiene and well-being.

Pet Pedicure

Your pet's nails will be carefully trimmed as short as safety allows.

Ear  Cleaning

The ears are cleansed with a mild, veterinarian-approved solution.

Anal Gland Cleaning

To avoid having unpleasant scent from your furry friends,  anal glands should be occasionally expressed or emptied. 

Teeth Brushing

This service should be part of the regular hygiene for healthier and fresher breath

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