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Our Story

Dogs can be amazing companions and can change our lives in many ways, there’s no denying it. However, there are times when you have to go away and may have to leave them behind. During such stressful times, it’s vital you have somewhere they can go that’s loving and attentive. Here at Tail Waggin' we excel in providing individual care, cleanliness and customer service for your dogs and cats. What could be better than being made to feel a part of the Tail Waggin' family. For this reason, special pets need a special service. When you love what you do it becomes a passion and not a job and for us here at Tail-Waggin that is exactly what it is a “Passion”


Whether you’re going away or on holiday, for a business trip or to simply visit family, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy your time away knowing your beloved pet is enjoying their very own holiday. During their stay at our facilities, they’ll be well cared for, loved and entertained. They get to enjoy their very own home from home in our safe and friendly environment.


At Tail Waggin',  we offer a variety of services, from Doggy Daycare, Mobile Grooming, In-store grooming, Pet Hotel and Dog Training- with our best employees that are dedicated to their work and give their love and compassion every day at work.

Our promise is to provide an unrivaled service at the convenience of your own doorstep with competitive pricing. Gone are the days of long waiting lists and having to take your dog or cat to the groomer and back.

We have a couple of dedicated kennels to house recuse dogs in the hope they can find a beloved home. We believe every animal deserves a second chance.


One of our team members is on-site 24hrs a day ensuring your pets are always looked after with CCTV cameras running at all times.


We have been providing our dog and cat care services for a number of years and our list of happy clients continue to grow.

The Tail Waggin' Team

All our staff are pet lovers themselves and thoroughly enjoy what they do and we wouldn’t have it any other way.  Having owned or owned their own dog or cat, they understand the need to provide a loving environment to enhance their stay experience.  Our team is constantly interacting with our four-legged residents and keeps a watchful eye while they socialize and play together receiving their daily exercise All dogs are exercised daily in our secure play area, each to their own individual size. Small, medium, and large breeds. Each cat will get the chance to exercise or laze around individually in our dedicated cat play area.

Our Team
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