Mobile Grooming

Tail-waggin is a call away for pet pampering in the convenience of your own doorstep.


Wash & Dry


No Bath


Wash, Dry, Nail Clipping 

and Ear Cleaning


Wash, Dry, Nail Clipping, Teeth Brush, Anal Press  Ear Cleaning + Medicated Bath 


Wash, Dry, Nail Clipping,

Ear Cleaning and Handstyling


Frontline application


 Pet Spa

For a more luxurious spa time,

Tail-waggin' welcomes your pet to our treatment room in our new shop.


Wash & Dry


Wash, Dry, Nail Clipping 

and Ear Cleaning


Wash, Dry, Nail Clipping,

Ear Cleaning and Handstyling


Dog Hotel

The perfect place for your four legged companion to make some friends, enjoy daily exercise and get pamperred while you enjoy your own vacation stress free knowing your beloved furry friend is being well taken care of. 



One big spacious double room, plenty of toys, a few cat towers and unlimited sofa scratching allowance finished off with a constant running water fountain, sounds like a nice getaway for your feline family member, no wonder they don’t want to leave!


Day Care

Dogs loves to be social, they love to smell other dogs and play. Our custom daycare facility is made with our furry friends in mind. Giving them plenty of space that allows them to express themselves, interact, play and generally have fun with each other. 


Dog Training

All dogs are eager to learn something new, they love to please their owners and enjoy being praised, however sometimes their love is a little misinterpreted. We can help you with Potty training, basic obedience training and surprise you with some tricks as well, your pet will be more in tune with your commands and all that will be left is plenty of belly rubs!


Dog Group Training



You’re Training Them for Real-life Situations

As we go on the next stages of the group training sessions, we will practice indoors

and meet at different outdoor locations later on to practice their behavior in real life situations;

with cars, other people and dogs. Training your best friend for real-life situations is very beneficial

and helps you keep them under control. 


You are the Best Trainer for Your Dog

You’re getting trained to train your dog. How cool is that? It’s like you’re hiring a trainer to coach you.

The more skills you gain as your dog’s trainer, the better you will be able to help them understand

what you are trying to teach them.


Helps Mental and Physical Stimulation

Keeping your dog mentally stimulated is as important as keeping them physically stimulated.

One of the methods to physically and mentally stimulate your dog is to train them to engage in

mental activities with you. This will give you and your dog the kind of physical and mental stimulation needed.


You can train your dog at home but training them for real-life

situations is different and important.

This will make it easier for you to control your dog both at home and in public, and will further build the

bond between the two of you. By making sure to practice the exercises in a variety of places,

at different times of the day, both indoors and outdoors, you will help your dog begin generalizing

every cue to different locations.


Increases the Bond Between You and Your Dog

Aside from it’s an exercise activity for the both of you, it will also increase the bond with them!

You’re always training.  Every interaction is a learning opportunity. Every walk, every meal

and every time you pet them.


Every Sunday 6:45 pm to 7:45 pm

Every Wednesday 6:45 pm to 7:450 pm

Starting October 3, 2021